AMTS GSM C02 is an electronic device which can start your car engine from a distance.
Using ML20GSM communicator, you can start your engine car by a simple call to the car (can be short call, SMS or DTMF code). After the engine has started the user will receive a call from the car to know the engine is turned on.
AMTS GSM can be configured after the engine is started to turn on the heating or cooling car systems or to activate defogger function.
AMTS system is composed by: electronic device for starting the engine, RFID chip reader and, as optional, a chip reader directly from the key (when it is not possible to remove the RFID chip from the second key).

A very important function is that to ensure the gear box is not engaged before trying to start the engine. The AMTS system will not start the car if the gear box is not in neutral position and the hand brake is not engaged.
The system includes 4 power relays for satrting the engine; the user must provide the RFID chip (usualy it is removed from the second ignition key).
All the parameters of AMTS can be programmed and modified using a PC software and can be downloaded for free from bottom page.

AMTS system is 100% safe and the risk your car to be started by another person or to start the engine when the gear box is not in neutral position is zero.

System includes these devices:

  • ML20GSM communicator- with remote starter firmware
  • USB-UART interface cable- used for parameter setting
  • power relays for ignition,accessory and starter
  • RFID chip loop coil

Price: starting from 250EURO – no shipping or other fee included

USB-UART  driver can be downloaded following the link:


Works on any type of car (with the connections shown in the manual)
All settings are done through their own software
Manual / automatic box
Starts the engine for a predetermined period (01-99 min.)
Safe starting system (ensure the car is not in gear before it starts)
Startup is confirmed by phone
Start is visually confirmed: pulse / continuous through headlamps / indicator
Starts the air conditioning and demisting of the car
Will announce by phone when the car alarm starts (using the ML10 communicator) or lock / unlock

In the premium version, the system is complete: auto start + chip reader directly from key + ML10GSM + USB-UART cable (250EURO price), a factor that is a major advantage over similar systems on the market.
The chip reader has two modes of operation: either through the chip inside the key or through the key itself. The key / chip is not visible inside the car, which is mounted alongside the car module, so remote car starting is safe.

To make sure that the remote car startup is functional for any type of vehicle, starting the starter has two operating modes: by reading the engine speed or by reading the battery voltage.

Advantages – Safety

To be able to start the car remotely, it is necessary to follow a procedure when leaving the car. In the absence of the presence and validation of this procedure, the module is not functional. In this procedure the module checks:

if the car is in gear
if the hand brake is pulled
whether the doors are closed or not
if the calling phone number is the one of the owner

How does it work? – using the ML10GSM communicator

call the car (Beep or SMS)
the car rejects the call and checks if the procedure has been followed
if the procedure is followed, try starting the engine (3 attempts)
confirm that the engine was started by calling (beep or SMS) the owner

Procedures for starting the remote engine:
In order for remote engine startup to be safe, the car module must check before a series of events is possible: the handbrake to be pulled, the car not in gear, and others. The procedure is as follows:

Initial position: the driver in the car, the engine running, the car removed from the gear (for manual gearboxes), the handbrake is down.
Press the brake pedal.
Pull the handbrake (with the foot brake pressed).
Release the pedal.
Command to the mode by pressing the valet button.

After the correct procedure has been completed, it will be confirmed by the exit of the lights (headlamps or indicator – depending on the chosen choice)

If the procedure has been performed correctly, the engine will continue to operate even after the ignition key is removed.
The engine stops automatically after the driver leaves the car and closes the door.

If any door opens after the procedure has been executed and the car engine is not running, the procedure must be restored from the first step because it is canceled!

The procedure for starting the car engine remotely via the mobile phone is designed to provide protection against accidents (the car is not removed from the speed)
as well as against theft.
In practice, no one can enter your car once the engine is started, and if this happens, the procedure will be canceled at any change (eg, the positioning of the hand brake down)
so the car can not leave the place.

Software versions PC installation kits:

 File DownloadVersionDataTotal download
The most
Archivesetup_AMTS_PC_v0.1.8.rar 0.1.822.10.20111320


AMTS firmware versions:

 File DownloadVersionDataTotal download
The most recentAMTS_rv.11.code rv.1105.12.201285

Manuals for use and installation:

 File DownloadVersionDataTotal download
The most recentAMTS_MANUAL_v1.6.pdf  1.620.09.2012214
ArchiveAMTS_MANUAL_v1.5.pdf  1.518.09.20112605
ArchiveAMTS_MANUAL_v1.4.pdf   1.405.12.20173148