The product is an ambient thermostat that measures ambient temperature and works together with the GSM communicator ML10. It has a temperature comparison function measured with two settable user settable reference temperatures. Each level can be set to two temperatures: one start and one stop.

The Thermo-77 thermostat can work both to start a thermal plant and to start cooling equipment (air conditioning). In the case of heating, the first level is to set the ambient temperature (eg keeping the temperature in an enclosure in the range of + 22 ° C – 18 ° C). The first temperature is the one at which the boiler will stop and the second is the start-up. Careful! The boiler will only start if it has a user command (if set in this mode), even if the ambient temperature is below 18 ° C. While the control is active (eg it may be a 5-hour pulse), the boiler will operate as the thermostat dictates. The second level is represented by two alarm temperatures (antifreeze function) but which will turn the boiler on or off even if it does not have a user command (eg starting temperature 5 ° C and stopping temperature 8 ° C .). With the settings that can be made on the GSM communicator, the user can be notified of this (SMS, Beep, DTMF) when the critical threshold of 5 ° C is reached.

From the thermostat’s PC interface, it is possible to set which outputs of the ML10 to activate when the measured temperature is below the thresholds. Also, for calibration, you can set a temperature value that gathers or falls from the measured value for the most accurate display.

The thermostat communicates with ML10 via a serial RS485 network, and up to 10 thermostats can be added to this network to measure the temperature in 10 different rooms.

By sending SMS: THERMO to ML10, the user will receive an SMS informing about the instantaneous temperature values ??of the 10 thermostats.

Example of operation of the thermostat set for heating

Price: 120 RON / thermostat

Minimum configuration:

Thermo-77 1pc.

ML10 1pc.

USB-485 cable 1pc.

external power supply (7-24Vcc / 2A) 1pc.

Technical parameters

Range of measured temperatures (sensor limits): -55 ° C … + 125 ° C

Measures air temperature; not to use for temperature measurement of liquids;

if mounted in an outdoor environment, it must be protected against water or moisture

Current consumption: 3-4mA

Resolution: 0.1 ° C

Supply voltage: min. 7Vcc max. 24Vdc

Communication: RS485

Dimensions of the Thermo-77 thermostat:

Length = 57mm

Width = 37mm

Height = 20mm

PC interface software:

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Thermo_v0.1.3_Setup.rar    0.1.3 27.02.2014 60
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Installation and user guide:

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Thermo77_manual_ro_1.1.pdf    1.1 14.02.2013 142