Progressive turn-on and Auto-Flash function movie The Most Recent UPGRADE  – DRL is OFF when the hand brake is engaged!

DRL – Daytime Running Lights is an electronic device which can adjust the high beam light intensity betwen 5% and 65% for using it durnig day time. The light intensity can be adjust with 5% step. The device has an “Auto” function, which means it will store the status of the high beam into a memory before the engine is stop. When the engine is started again, the high beam will turn on after a delay of 20 sec. Turning on is made starting from 5% of the power to set level; every 1.5 sec. the light intensity is increased with 5% untill the set level is reached.

Another function is Auto-flash, when the DRL device can turn on and off the high beam every 0.3 sec. after the user command. In this case, the high beam is 100% powered!!! Using high beam during day time will increase life span of the low beam bulbs about 70%. The high beam bulb wear is minimum because the maximum power will be 65%.

The vehicle original function of the high beam will be unchanged!


DRL 45 Euro
DRL with Coming Home 50 Euro
DRL with Coming and Leaving Home 55 Euro

System details:

DRL device has a power transistor for every bulb, so it can be used for the cars with independent bulb command. For the cars in which both high beam bulbs are connected together, connect both output wires of the DRL together DRL is two types :
  • DRL-P for cars like Logan,Opel,Renault, VW, etc. in which the bulb is permanent connected to the GND and the command is +12V; these cars represent more than 95% of the cars.
  • DRL-N for cars like Peugeot 107, Toyota.. where the bulb is permanent connected to +12V and the command is GND.
Learn from here what DRL type do you need for your car…

Guide to find out what is your car high beam command polarity

DRL_Command Polarity.pdf          Total download: 281

User manual and installation guide:

Version Download File Revision Data Obs, Total download 
Most recent DRL_USER_MANUAL_v1.5_en.pdf  (Coming and Leaving Home) 1.5 19mar2014 197
Old DRL_USER_MANUAL_v1.4_en.pdf   (hand brake Input)    1.4 02.02.2012 188