Extensions are input or output modules for ML10 or ML20.

They are designed to be cascaded, ie a variable number of input or output modules can be mounted on a rail as required.

For example, there may be 3 input modules and 5 output modules.

The input module is opto-isolated and requires no power source other than ML10 (+ 12Vcc). It accepts an input voltage of 230Vac, which is isolated from the ML input.

The output module contains a relay with coil at + 12Vcc and 15Amp contact. Both contacts are present on the output connector: normally open and normally closed.

Both types of modules have quick connectors, without cable clamping screws.

Input extension Exit output


        Ext-in_pwr 65Ron

        Ext-in 45Ron

        Ext-out 30Ron

Ext-in_pwr is the input module that also contains the isolated power supply. There is always a need for such a module. If the system is composed of multiple input modules, then one must be EXT-in_pwr, and the other can be Ext-in (the power-supply module that feeds from the first module).