The payment can be done using PayPal service.

After you choose the products use Quick Contact and you will receive an email with total amount which you’ll pay to PayPal.

Please be sure your address is correct and it contains all the informations (ZIP code, province, phone number)

The total amount is the sum of the price of the products, the shipment cost and a currency conversion fee (about 5-10 Euro).

The products will be delivery after payment is confirmed and the customer will receive an email with track and trace number.


-product DRL  = 40 Euro

-shipment to EU = about 20 Euro (using Postal service  Romania to Portugal)

-transfer and conversion fee : 5 Euro

Total to pay: 65 Euro

The cost of shipment will be calculated depending on the destination and the choise of the purchaser (Postal service, speed courier).

For non EU countries the client must take into account that it can be another tax when it receives the package. This tax is depending on his country financial laws (can be VAT or an import tax).

All the products on this web site have a warranty of two years excepting batteries, accumulators, connecting elements, etc.