ML88D module is an extension with 8 iisolated inputs and 8 relay output for MLxxGSM.

– It has 8 digital inputs and 8 relay outputs (8A resistive, 5A inductive). The inputs are isolated, so it needs two external power supplys (Jack 2.1mm).

– The inputs are activated when a voltage (> 5V) is present. The voltage can be DC or AC (max. 230Vac). In this case (when it works directly with main voltage- 230Vac) the isolation is mandatoty (use both power supplies)! If the isolation is not mandatory, it can be used a single power supply, but do not do this unless voltage is lower than 50V!

– ML88D has an internal connector (SIP 4 pin/2.54mm) where an  Arduino Pro Mini can be connected

( In this case, Arduino can controll the relays and it can read the inputs of the ML88D module.

– Also internally, there is a connector for adding a bidirectional radio module, so communication with the ML10GSM or ML20GSM is done wirelessly, without requiring the RS485 cable.

– The module has an RS485 communication interface that is powered by System Power 2, the same as the ML10 or ML20 module.

– The ML88D module is addressable, with a cluster of up to 16 modules in a network, which means a system with 128 inputs and 128 outputs.

– The ML88D also has an interface with 16 bicolour LEDs (red / green), one for each input and output, for easy identification of states: green if the input or output is inactive, red if it is active to automatic fuses, where green means no voltage, and red is for presence of voltage).