Upgrade SMART-ML10!!!

– user settings import/export function: user settings can be copied from a phone to another

– new functions for THERMO-77:

Temperature Read, Temperature Levels Read and Temperature Levels Set

Android revision must be minimum 2.3

The demo version is for SMART-ML10 application to be tested for 30 days, without having a ML10 module. This demo version will be installed on two Android smart phones. The app settings will be made so the SMS for an Input button to be exactly the same as the SMS for the Output button on the other phone.

The application’s final and fully functional version will work only with a ML10 module; after installing, the app will connect with a ML10 module which phone number is set into app. The SMART-ML10 app will work only if the received answer from ML10 module is correct; otherwise will not work and it will wait for the correct answer!

How to install…

You don’t need to uninstall the old SMART-ML10 version!
In this way, all the settings will be transferred to the new version.

The example is for a Samsung smart-phone
From Android smart-phone enter into: Settings -> Personal ->Security -> Device administrators ->  Unknown sources,
and check if the option is enabled. After you enabled it (if was not), using the phone, visit this web page and click on the app name (SMART-ML10 demo) in the next table.
On the phone choose Install package option and the app permissions will appear. You have to agree the permissions; otherwise the app will not be installed. In the end run the app.
* after the installation is complete, as you wish, you have to go back to the Settings menu, as at beginning, to disable the Unknown sources option.

The permisions used by SMART-ML10 app:

  • receiving and reading of the SMS from the phone number set into app (ML10 number)
  • sending SMS to the phone number set into app
  • short call receiving and sending from and to the set phone number (ML10)
  • audio volume control during an received alert from ML10
  • vibration activation during an alert or notification from ML10
  • saving the log events file into phone’s internal memory (or SD card)
  • system log reading for app’s better execution
  • automatically app start-up after phone restart
Android apkRevisionRelease on:Total Download



trial for 30 days

demo 517 oct 2013187 



1.02.0720 oct 201666

ML10 firmware

minimum 2.23

Android 5 and 6 compatibility

The initial password for events list is:1234

For deactivation, go to the Change Password menu, do not type anything into new password box and press Submit.

Video on Youtube

General Settings

Run the app and enter into Settings menu.

  • ML10 phone number: here you’ll set the ML10’s phone number (or the other phone for demo version).

! The phone number must include country code, both into app and ML10!

(eg. Ro +4 07xx xxx or 004 07xx xxx)

  • Outputs -> Enable confirmation: if is enabled, when you press an Output button the app will ask for your confirmation for SMS sending or for calling. If you choose OK the command will be sent; otherways the command will not be sent. If it is not enabled the command will be sent right after you press the Output button.
  • Enable autolock: if is enabled, the Output window will be inactive after the time set into Autolock time, and in the window upper left corner will appear a red colour lock symbol. To unlock press this symbol and the colour will become green. Now you can send the command by pressing the button. If  Enable autolock  is not enabled, the Output window will be always active.
  • Alert tone: you choose a ring tone from the phone gallery; this  ring tone will be used when the app receives a message from ML10 module.
  • Persistent alert: if is set, the phone will continuous ring when a command is received until the user will confirm the command. If is not set, the phone will ring one time as long the ring tone is. No matter what you choose, the Input button which corresponds to the received message, will flash red/green until it is confirmed.

Output buttons Settings (they send commands to the ML10)

Select ML10 Outputs window and unlock it (if it is locked). Press long time on one button and the menu will open.

  • Name: it is the text which will appear on the button; default it is Output x. Eg. Motor Start, Lock, Unlock…
  • ML10 Output: here you choose what ML10 output number will be controlled by this button.
  • Trigger modes: what command will be sent to the ML10 module (Short call or SMS). If you choose SMS, next menu Sms will be active and you can type the SMS text which will be sent to ML10. This text must be exactly the same as the SMS set into ML10 Output settings.

You will do the same for the rest of the Output buttons. After you finish you press BACK button on the phone and the settings will be saved.

Input buttons Settings (they receive commands from ML10)

Select ML10 Inputs window fromView Inputs button. Press long time on one Input button and a menu will open.The Output menu is the same as Input menu with minor differeces. Beep (Short call) can be choose for only one Input, and if it is selected it will not appear to other Input. To change Beep from an input to other, first you must unselect Beep from the Input and after that you can enable it for other input. As in Output menu, the SMS text must be exactly the same as the SMS set into ML10 Input settings.

You will do the same for the rest of the Input buttons. After you finish you press BACK button on the phone and the settings will be saved.

Force Inputs function

This is a function which allows the user to set an input to be active or inactive or to read the signal from ML10 input connector. Once an input is set by this function it will stay in that way until a new Force Input command is sent. Eg. one input is connected to a normal open contact to the GND. When the input has GND, ML10 will send an activation SMS to the app only if that input is set as Wired. If the input is set as Inactive, ML10 module will not send a command even if the contact is closed. When the contact is open and the input is set as Active, ML10 will send an activation SMS. This function is used to bypass an input (eg.a PIR sensor) by setting that input as Inactive. ML10 will not send a SMS even if the PIR sensor is active.