Radio remote control modules (at least 500m).

Radio communication is bidirectional (transmit and receive)

Each module has 2 outputs (2 relays), 2 digital inputs (closed / open) and 2 analogue inputs (0-10V or 4-20mA).

In a network, up to 32 modules can be connected, sending data to each other in case cables can not be pulled.

It covers a distance of at least 500m, inside buildings or in the city where radio traffic is intense. In the open field, the covered distance is 1.5km.

I can communicate with the ML10 GSM by taking orders sent via GSM (SMS or GPRS) and forwarding them to the other modules where the relay will operate. Also, the status of the entries can be sent via SMS or GPRS to the user.

Another type of module is THERMO-77 RF, which will communicate with ML10 via radio, without requiring the RS485 cable between ML10 and thermostats.

The modules are set up with a software PC. The PC connects through the USB-UART cable to any radio module in the network, this module accessing any of the network and within its range. It is not necessary to connect the PC to each module. Adding a new module to the network is done by linking your PC to an existing module, and by accessing the new one to set it with the network parameters where it will work.