It can be used on any car with signal bulb connected to GND (permanent minus) and with +12V form the turn signal relay.
It will be connected directly on the bulb, like DRL module. The module will learn the turn signal times (on and off) from the car and you’ll set the number of pulses between 2 and 10. The module starts blinking after a single blink from the car or a short press on the turn signal switch. The module will stop blinking if another blink is coming from the car. When the module is working and you change the signal direction the module will stop its own pulses.

Every output side can drive 3 bulbs, for the cars where every bulb is controlled by one transistor (the blubs are not parallel connected). For the cars where the one side bulbs are connected together, you use only one output (the one marked with C, form Common). The other connection are GND (minus), +12V power (this must be a power plus, since it must turn on the bulbs) and +12V contact – this will power the microcontroller, so when the engine is stop the module will have zero current consumption. There is a single transistor for each output and it is directly connected to the pin marked with C. The other two outputs are conected to this transistor using 2 power diodes. The maximum power witch can be controlled is 70W, depending on the fuses (for 70W it is better to change the fuses from 5A to 7.5A). The OTTS module has a built-in buzzer how will sound when it turns on the lights.

The module size is:70x50x27 mm.

Price: 45Euro