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Firmware UPGRDE: from 2.14 revision

new OUTPUT functions are available

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ML10 GSM communicator ensures the transmission and the reception of different commands using GSM network from a mobile phone or another ML10 device. It is build arround a QUAD-BAND GSM module which means it will work on all GSM networks.Sending and receiving commands to or from ML10 can be done using SMS (short message), DTMF (sound tones) or short call (Beep). In order to send a valid commnad to ML10, the user must write and send a message which must be recognized by the device.The module will execute that command if it will recognize phone number and the message. For DTMF (it is the sound tone which appears when you press a key during a call) the user must initiate a call to ML10, the device will take that call and after that the user will send a maximum 4 digit code by pressing the numeric keys on keyboard phone. This DTMF code and all SMS are programmable using the PC software which can be download from the bottom chart.

PRICE: 110 Euro

Optional devices:

  • USB-UART interface: 15 EURO – available
  • USB-485 interface: 25 EURO – not stockable- available after an order
  • Switching power supply 230Vac-12Vcc/3A or 24Vcc/2A – not stockable- available after an order

The driver for USB-UART cable and USB-485 cable can be download from  :

* you choose the driver from the chart depending on your OS from your PC


  • 8 users
  • 8 programmable INPUTS
  • 8 programmable OUTPUTS
  • Flash memory for events logging (65000+ events)
  • Li-Ion 2.2Ah rechargable battery is included– stand-by 3-4 days

ML10GSM applications:

ML10GSM is basically a two way remote control (it receives and sends commands) using GSM network.

The advantages over a classic radio remote control are:

  • direct control from mobile phone
  • operational distance is virtually infinite (it depends on GSM network coverage)
  • 2 way communication
  • it has 8 users with different control rights

The applications are multiple from home control to industrial area:

  • open or close from distance of garage door, control and monitor of different equipment in the house (heating system, air conditioning, fire or gas sensors, burglar alarm, etc.)
  • in automotive area it can entirely replace a classic remote control functions (lock/unlock, trunk open, engine remote start, etc.) and it can send a message to the owner when an event triggers an input (breaking a window, opening a door). It can be used to block the engine starter in case of car stealing.
  • in industrial area the device can transmit the status of different sensors to a dispach or to an execution equipment far away from sensors

For house heating system control see also: Thermo-77

Technical parameters:

  • Working temperature -20°C … +60°C
  • Power supply voltage: min. 7 Vdc     max. 28 Vdc
  • Power supply current consumption:
    • no active OUTPUT, discharged battery: 150mA at Vdc 12V
    • no active OUTPUT, charged battery: 15mA at Vdc 12V

* When it is installed on a car, using the Exernal Power Command input connected to +12V after ignition key, will make the current consumption to be null. The module will be powered from internal battery and it will start charge after the engine is started.

ML10 GSM dimension:

  • Total Lenght = 158mm
  • Width= 112mm
  • Height without antenna = 39mm
  • Height with antenna = 125mm

PC software interface:

 File to DownloadRevisionDateTotal download
Most recentML10_v1.6.3_Setup.rar   1.6.328.12.201440
ArchivesML10_v1.5.4_Setup.rar   1.5.401.06.201429


ML10GSM firmware:

Most recent2.5028dec2014  Ask (email)
Archives2.1405.02.2013  Ask (email)
Archives2.0717.11.2012  Ask (email)

Manual and user guide:

 File to DownloadRevisionDateTotal download
Most recent
ML10_manual_en_1.7.pdf   1.710.07.2013
 Predefined SMS List
ArchivesML10_manual_ro_1.5.pdf  1.512.09.2012