ANDROID app(click). ML20GSM communicator is a compact and improved version of ML10GSM model. It is also based on a quad band GSM chip (850/900/1800/1900MHz).

ML20GSM has the same number of digital and programmable inputs(8) and outputs(8) as ML10, and additionally has 2 analogical voltage inputs. Exterior connections are supplied by a 25 wires cable, with a DB25 female type connector (parallel port or printer port found on PCs).

The same as ML10ML20 has a serial communication line which can be UART-3V3 or RS485. The user must decide what communication type will use when ordering. Changing to another communication type is not possible with no hardware modification. Another difference between ML10 and ML20 is that ML20 hasn’t on board Li-Ion battery. The only power supply is the external power. In order to work when no power is present, the user must provide a back-up power supply (if necessary) or use a ML10GSM  module.

The software (for programming) user interface is the same as for ML10GSM.

Warning! Firmware for ML20 is NOT compatible with firmware for ML10!

ML20GSM module includes DB25 female type connector, with covers, but without wires. The user can order a complete cable with a custom length.

PRICE: contact

Optional accessories:

  • USB-UART interface: 15 EURO
  • USB-485 interface: 25 EURO
  • Switching power supply 230Vac-12Vcc/3A or 24Vcc/2A: ask for price
  • Female type DB25 cable with 25 wires – length 1m multiple : 12EURO/meter

Technical parameters: 

  • Working temperature -20°C … +60°C
  • Power supply voltage: min. 7 Vdc     max. 28 Vdc
  • Maximum voltage on analogical inputs: +30Vdc
  • Power supply current consumption:
    • 15mA -17mA for Vcc = 12Vdc
    • maximum current – peak (SMS transmission): 320mA forVcc = 12Vdc

ML20 communicator dimensions:

  • Total Length = 67mm
  • Width= 28mm
  • Height without antenna= 94mm
  • Height with antenna= 128mm

ML10PC v1.7.1 software download

Comparative table between ML10GSM and ML20GSM

On board 2200mAh Li-Ion battery and charger
Battery low voltage warning SMS
8 digital programmable inputs (0-30Vdc)
8 digital programmable outputs (open-drain)
2 analog inputs (0-30Vdc)
Real time clockback-up battery >2 yearsback-up capacitor 15 min
Any number function
Send SMS on both state of an input
Logical functions on inputs
Independent debounce on both state of an input
Programmable internal link between input and output
Upgradable firmware
Thermo-77 communication firmware
ML88D – addressable isolated input/output modules firmware
Car engine remote starter